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We hope you’ll join us for these two important events next week, each at 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern:

1. Creative Activism Monthly Call – From the Frontlines of the Fossil Fuel Fight, Tuesday, March 23rd

2. Electric Vehicles: How do they fit in a harmonized transportation system? Thursday, March 25th

More info below: 

Creative Activism Call

Our network of activists using lights and banners is referred to our Solidarity Brigade. We meet monthly, and you’re welcome to join what will be an eye opening call about the work of those on the front lines of the fossil fuel fights. For this month, we have 2 guests:

Yvette Arellano of Fenceline Watch will speak about their work holding the fossil fuel industry accountable to the communities it disproportionately affects on the fenceline.

Jacob Johns will have just returned from MN where he’s been mobilizing creative actions near the pipeline construction, at Enbridge HQ and at the State Supreme Court. He’ll give an update on the #StopLine3 Resistance.

Date: Tuesday, March 23rd

Time: 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

More info and RSVP HERE

Electric Vehicles: the Impacts and Realities, with Landscape Architect Robert Colón

Electric Vehicles are touted as a key component to solving our climate crisis. Many consumers are jumping on the EV bandwagon, and companies like Amazon are building a fleet to ship goods by electric truck. Likewise, national environmental organizations are pushing EVs as key to lowering GHG emissions and transitioning to a green economy.

But are EVs a real climate solution? They can be, but ONLY if they coincide with mode shift from roads to rail, mass transit and passenger rail development, redesign of communities, battery recycling technology, and mitigation of lithium mining impacts.

Anything short of these co-occurring developments is contrary to the Green New Deal vision.

We need to ask:

  • How do we avoid trading one extractive model with another?
  • How do we center community self-determination and localization, instead of furthering the worst aspects of globalization?
  • How do we invest in public works in a way that is just, reduces harms, and addresses historic harms?

Solutionary Rail seeks to harmonize our transportation system, and we work with people like Robert to protect our natural areas, design cities that meet people’s real needs, all while reducing GHG emissions. Real solutions – like modeshifting long haul freight, building mass transit and passenger rail – would have an immediate impact on pollution and emissions and would contribute toward racial, environmental and transportation justice.

EVs can be a part of the solution – but these other areas warrant a much bigger investment and more attention. This Solutionary Rail presentation challenges the panacea of Electric Vehicles.

Date: Thursday, March 25th

Time: 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

RSVP HERE to join us on Thursday

Thank you for being part of this creative and solutionary work.  We look forward to connecting with you!

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