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It was great to see many of your faces on Monday and come together in community in the midst of these stressful times.
I wanted to follow up quickly on the announcement I shared about Wet’suwet’en solidarity. In the face of COVID-19, resistance to Coastal GasLink continues in-person and online, and there is currently a call to shut down construction and close man camps on Wet’suwet’en territory due to concerns about spreading the virus.
As I mentioned, Chase is the primary banker of Coastal GasLink. There are a few ways that you can pressure Chase to stop backing the project and Indigenous rights abuses:
  • Join the petition to Chase and KKR! This is a petition hosted by Daily Kos, and if you are interested, you can join the list swap (more details below my signature). You can also just share this link with your list and social media followings if you do not want to officially join the list swap.
  • Digital day of action TOMORROW (Friday, 3/20): This week is a digital week of action in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en (organized by the Gidimt’en clan + supporters). Friday will be focused on Chase bank, and I’ll send an update to this thread tomorrow morning with all the details and social media posts to amplify. Today’s action focused on Bank of Montreal, and here are the materials for that.
Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this.
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Background: The Coastal GasLink pipeline is set to begin construction and cut right through Wet’suwet’en lands without the consent of the hereditary chiefs. To protect their sovereignty and defend their lands, different camps were built along the pipeline route where land defenders have been living for over 6 years.

In the last two weeks, militarized police have raided the Wet’suwet’en camps with assault rifles, dogs, sound cannons, and helicopters while Indigenous elders and youth stood by in shock. Now, all eyes are on Wet’suwet’en — and their hereditary chiefs are urgently calling out for massive global support.

More about the target and why we are doing this. We’re working in direct solidarity with the hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs and land defenders in Canada. It has the rapid response goal of moving KKR to divest from the Coastal GasLink pipeline as quick as we can (with Chase being mentioned because it is also an American company and carries weight for support). KKR is an investment firm that signed an agreement with AimCo to purchase 65% of the Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project. The sale finalizes around June and is contingent on construction, so if we tell KKR loud and clear that people across Canada and the U.S. won’t let the pipeline be built and lean into their partnerships principles, they may shift.


If your organization is interested in plugging even further than the list swap, there are more opportunities to plug in including sending emails and calling the target, as well as organizing offline events and actions. Find the KKR toolkit with sample emails, social copy, and graphics here. You can also support the Wet’suwet’en directly by using and/or sharing their toolkit.


Additionally, Rising Tide North America and other direct solidarity support coalitions will soon send a letter to Coastal GasLink investors calling on them to divest from the project. Seeding Sovereignty is continuing to work with school divestment groups and will launch a Wet’suwet’en solidarity video shortly. Lastly, a mass call is being organized by Indigenous Climate Action, Indigenous Solidarity Network, and SURJ to talk to a wide swath of people on what’s next.

The list swap gist: each participating organization will promote the shared landing page with their unique links. Then they’ll get back as many new names as the number of signers who took action on the page using their unique link. As the hosts of the action, Daily Kos will receive all signers from the pool. However, we commit to gather 50% of all unique signers. Unique links will be sent to participating organizations in the launch email.

Sulakshana (she/her)

Energy Finance Campaigner

Rainforest Action Network

sulakshana@ran.org | (703) 589 0040

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