Dear Jeanne,

Winning a Green New Deal will take transformative action at every level of government. That’s why we’re excited to support the launch of Washington’s Resilient Future Platform, a campaign of the Climate Alliance (of which we are a part). Like Seattle’s Green New Deal, the Resilient Future Platform emphasizes that austerity — starving our communities of the resources we need to live healthy lives–  is a false solution in this moment of overlapping crises.

Instead, we must invest in what our communities need to recover from COVID-19: things like affordable housing, clean energy, healthcare, and good union jobs. We know that these solutions are powerful strategies to reduce our climate pollution and build climate-resilient communities.

By joining our visions together at the city and state level, we can build the people power needed to take back our economy and government from big corporations – and win a healthy, just climate future for all.

What can you do?

The more people who amplify our platform, the more influence we’ll have in shaping Washington’s recovery policy landscape, so please do!

After the November election, we’ll update you on the Resilient Future policy priorities in the lead-up to the 2021 legislative session.

In solidarity,





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