Help us flood the social media accounts of every member of Congress with messages calling for a bold stimulus to put millions of people back to work building a healthier, more equitable economy!

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Dear Jeanne,

A new report1 by leading economists breaks down what a bold economic renewal plan would mean for America. Here’s how the math breaks down.

      4,600,000 jobs/year upgrading clean water, transportation and energy infrastructure
+ 3,200,000 jobs/year expanding renewable energy
+    700,000 jobs/year increasing energy efficiency
+    500,000 jobs/year in land restoration and regenerative agriculture
= 9,000,000 jobs/year

Can you imagine it — a country rallying around a bold plan to confront climate change, inequality, joblessness, and public health?

If you can imagine it, we need your help to make it a reality. That starts with getting the word out about what a bold climate-conscious economic renewal agenda means for America and reminding members of Congress they work for US.

There are few better ways to influence Congress right now than social media. In this time of physical distancing and remote working, congressional staffers tell us that as few as 10 social media comments from constituents on one of their posts can be enough for some members to take note.

Act now: share this new report with your member of Congress on Facebook and Twitter. Together, we can build momentum for a climate-conscious plan to put millions of people back to work building an economy that is healthier, more just, and more stable.

The pandemic has shown us that returning to “normal” isn’t going to cut it.It has exposed the fundamental inequities that make our economy unjust, unhealthy, and unstable. A bold plan for economic recovery that corrects these inequities is needed.

Think of who in your life might benefit if we put 1,000,000 people to work in manufacturing, 635,000 people making clean electric vehicles affordable for all, 600,000 people in clean energy, 400,000 people upgrading public housing, hospitals, and schools, 350,000 people replacing lead pipes and ensuring clean drinking water and 225,000 people restoring forests & wetlands and cleaning up toxic pollution. In the end, we would all benefit — either directly from the jobs created or from an economy that works better for all of us.

The Sierra Club is strong because we have people like YOU in EVERY congressional district across the country raising their voices. Together, the 3.8 million of us are a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Let’s remind members of Congress who they work for and make sure they hear from us in this critical moment.


Ben Beachy
Director, A Living Economy
Sierra Club

P.S. Join us on Facebook Live on Tuesday, June 2nd at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific to hear more about these job numbers and what a bold, just, and climate-conscious stimulus would mean for America. Click the “Get Reminder” button for a reminder when we go live.

1. Millions of Good Jobs: A Plan for Economic Renewal, Sierra Club.

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