Hi Julia –

This is awesome news! And a really, really great sign that all of your/our work is paying off — congratulations to you and all at 350 Madison!!!

We met with Marisa Buchanan a year ago, she was in our meeting with the PNW Chairwoman. As a VP, she’s pretty high up in the company, so it’s a real credit to your work that she is reaching out to you. I’d love to hop on a call with you and others at 350 Madison to chat about this — let me know if you would welcome that!? And yes, I think that getting guidance from RAN as well makes a lot of sense.

Again, congratulations. I think this is great news! 🙂

On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 12:54 PM Julia Isaacs <jbixleri@aol.com> wrote:

Good call everyone.


One update since we spoke is that Madison 350 has been approached by a Marisa Buchanan of JP Chase Morgan, she is a VP in the Global Sustainability office headed by Matthew Arnold.  She emailed us and offered to set up a phone call with us.  (A request for a meeting to talk about the negative effects of the Endbirdge pipeline in Wisconsin was part of our “ask” in our pre-action letter to the bank manager, and she wrote in response to that request).


Has anyone else had conversations with Marisa Buchanan of JP Chase Morgan, or others in the Global Sustainability office?  Alec, this seems in line with the fact that Matthew Arnold reached out to RAN 6 weeks ago.  We’re consulting with RAN as we craft our response, but open to others’ suggestions.  I tend to think we do want to respond to her offer for a conference call, and make the ask that Chase stop renewing the lines of credit to Enbridge, given the damage those pipelines through Minnesota (and the planned expansion through Wisconsin) are doing.  Alec, I can share the letter with you if you’re interested.  My guess is that the Global Sustainability office has less power than the regional VPs, but I’m still thinking we should say yes to the conference call……