Dear Jeanne,

While we’ve all been working to flatten the curve and support those on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis, the fossil fuel industry has been working feverishly to profit off the pandemic. They’ve lobbied the EPA to drop all pollution controls, pushed forward pipelines like Keystone XL. and tried to avoid providing healthcare for sick workers.

Now, fossil fuel companies are lobbying to get a huge chunk of the bailout funds that are meant to go to small businesses across the United States.

Please call or send a message to your Congressional Representative today, demanding that they oppose all efforts to bail out the fossil fuel industry. Contact our US Senators as well! If you want to email instead of call, you can copy this email template.

This is a critical moment for us to push back on this Big Oil Bailout.

Industry-friendly politicians are already lobbying Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to open up the $500 billion Trump Slush Fund to coal, oil and gas companies. They’re also trying to pass a bill that would use $3 billion that could go to COVID-19 relief to purchase oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, even though we’re already facing an oversupply.

These politicians aren’t trying to help workers in the fossil fuel industry. If they were, they’d be supporting universal healthcare, direct relief to working families, and job retraining programs. No, this is all about lining the pockets of their wealthy corporate donors.

With over 16 million people out of work, now isn’t the time to be giving handouts to fossil fuel billionaires. If we can generate a large enough public outcry, it will ensure that big polluters aren’t allowed to profit off this pandemic.

Together, we can ensure that we have a just and sustainable recovery to COVID-19. A recovery that helps strengthen our communities and protect our climate.

A recovery that works for people, not polluters.

Thank you,
Selden, for 350 Seattle



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