Jeanne, we can’t emphasize enough how dangerous this situation is.

Yesterday we learned that U.S. airstrikes ordered by Trump in Baghdad killed top Iranian military General Qassem Suleimani. Iran has vowed to retaliate and 3,500 US troops are on their way to the Middle East now.

This reckless action by Trump, all without congressional approval, could be the start of a war with Iran. Thousands, possibly millions, could die if we don’t act.

We must all rise up together and make it clear that Americans will not support a war with Iran.

Send a message to Congress now urging them to stand up to Trump because we refuse to engage in another endless war in the Middle East.

Sign now: No war with Iran »
This is one of the most provocative events of American involvement in the Middle East in our history – and it requires all of us to speak out for peace and against war.

Since we first marched in 2017, our movement has been fighting against the real danger posed by this reckless and lawless president and his administration.

This incident is yet another example of that danger, and another reason why we must all fight harder than ever today, on January 18th, and every day after that to defeat Trump. It must be brought to an end.

Our peace and safety depends on it.

Please add your name today to show Congress that Americans do not support endless war and demand that Trump be held accountable.

With resolve,

Rinku Sen

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