Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who joined us earlier this week for the 2022 CAT Campaign Launch. It was wonderful to see so many returning faces, and we’re excited to meet new people too!


Here are the Recording and Slides from the launch with resources linked, and some next steps below.


Immediate next steps for interested volunteers:

  1. If you are interested in volunteering with the CAT campaign this year, please join us for an upcoming Onboarding + Relationship Building meeting. We’ll walk through the CAT Volunteer Guide including our Google drive, Slack spaces, who to get support from and what upcoming trainings will look like. We’ll begin to build connections between volunteers and create room for people to ask questions and express interest in various roles. We’ll also talk through what we mean by Relationship Building, and how together, we can hold relationships in a good way for this campaign. Please choose either meeting time:

  2. For those of you who expressed interest in getting involved in the Action Writing/Comms team, we will be meeting to begin strategizing our work this year. We’ll review last year’s work and brainstorm how to improve and expand our work this year. Bring your creative ideas!

  3. Slack! For those who would like to be invited to our Slack workspace, please let us know by emailing info@350wa.org. Indicate you’d like to be invited to this workspace, and let us know which email we should use for the invitation. Slack is a great way to stay engaged with CAT team members and learn about policies moving in the next session.

Helpful Resources:

  • 350 WA CAT 2022 1-Pager for Volunteers. This includes our mission, goals and list of teams and roles.

  • The full version 350 WA’s Mission and Values is available here: https://www.350wa.org/mission-and-values

  • Ingrid Elliot and Andrew Kidde at 350 Seattle are working with 350 WA groups to advocate for green transportation projects across the state. Check out the joint Transportation Bill of Rights letter with Front & Centered and Disability Rights Washington. Reach out to Ingrid (elliottshapiro@mac.com) to engage on transportation in Washington!

  • David Kipnis is organizing efforts to amend our state constitution to create the right to a clean and healthy environment. Email David (dakipnis@gmail.com) to learn more about how you can support the Green Amendment.


Thank you all for being a part of our growing community of organizers and we’re looking forward to working together this year!


Katherine, David, Cha Cha, Josh and Grace!