Hi friends,

On behalf of WAYCJ, we hope you had a restful and peaceful summer! We spent the summer transitioning into new coordination roles, continuing internal education, and uplifting actions in our community. We are excited to kick off the year and start planning more actions and events! 



The latest report from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) shared extensive scientific reviews reaffirming the far-reaching threats of human-induced climate change. Published on August 9th the report culminated 8 years of research from leading experts covering everything from sea level rise to global warming and changing weather patterns.

Key Takeaways from the World Research Institute: 

  1. We’re on course to reach 1.5 degrees C of warming within the next two decades.
  2. Our understanding of climate science — including the link to extreme weather — is stronger than ever
  3. The changes we are already seeing are unprecedented in recent history and will affect every region of the globe
  4.  Every fraction of a degree of warming leads to more dangerous and costly impacts.

Despite the bleakness of the IPCC’s report, action can be taken to reduce emissions and limit warming. The message is clear, we need to hold corporate and governmental greed responsible for their complacency of environmental destruction, especially as the COP26 nears. 


In late July and August, haze covered the skies of the Puget Sound. Surrounded by fires on almost all sides of the state from fires in  Oregon, California, Eastern Washington and British Columbia, this haze resulted in moderate and unhealthy air quality across the greater Seattle area. Evacuations of residents within Eastern and Central Washington were put in place to safeguard citizens while the fires roared on. Looking to Ford, Washington, the wildfires led to the destruction of 20 buildings, including 8 homes.  According to Washington’s Department of Ecology, due to climate change, more frequent and intense wildfires are likely to become the new normal. Research from the Climate Science Special Report shows that climate creates warmer, drier conditions, increased drought, and a longer fire season; these all of which work to amplify wildfire risk. In addition, climate change contributes to increases in wildfire risks from earlier snowmelt, rising temperatures, and more frequent, longer heatwaves.

Volunteers Needed

Afghan Allies:

Urgent need for volunteers in the Seattle/Tacoma areas to help incoming Afghan refugees and Special Immigrant Visa holders, who are being evacuated to the United States. If you speak Farsi/Dari please consider signing up to translate.

The Duwamish Tribe will be hosting a Labor Day Weekend Acknowledgement Art Market from Saturday through Monday. They are in need of volunteers to help out with parking, security, crosswalk, and general clean-up/tear down. Please click on this link to go to to volunteer: 
Washington Youth for Climate Justice is a youth-led organization fighting for climate justice through necessary reforms in socio-political systems. We emphasize the power of community organizing and solidarity by empowering youth leaders and pushing for change through action and collectivism. We recognize that young people, specifically those from marginalized communities, are the most threatened by the climate crisis and therefore must be at the forefront of this movement. Our organization embodies our vision for an intersectional climate coalition made up of the working class, young people, people of color, indigenous people, women, LGBT+ folks, those with disabilities, immigrants, and all other communities.

If you are a youth up to age 20 and are looking to organize with us, we are always accepting new members to WAYCJ. Please fill out this google form if you are interested: