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We’re excited to share the latest Social Community (SoCo) calendar.  Social Community is a virtual live series focused on discussions, hangouts, and webinars led by youth leaders and adult allies across the country. In these times of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is a space intentionally developed for community, conversation, and collaboration.
To sign up for all SoCo webinars hosted by the Coalition, RSVP below.

4/9 8:00 PM Hosted by SoCo Partner Student Voice -#TestOptionalNOW: Letter Writing Party (Separate RSVP)
4/10 3:00 PM Indigenous Leadership Part 2: Members of the International Indigenous Youth Council (IIYC) will present a panel discussion between Indigenous youth leaders on youth empowerment, stories from the frontlines and how COVID-19 is affecting communities
4/10 6:00 PM Trivia: Join SoCo team for a fun game to start the weekend
4/11 TBD Balancing Activism and Everyday Life: A group discussion on how to balance school & activism, as well as how to keep organizing during COVID-19
4/12 8:00 PM Hosted by SoCo Partner Student Voice – Organizing Your Campus with Our Turn (Separate RSVP)
4/13 5:30 PM Self-Care for Activists: Liz Schmitt from the Union of Concerned Scientists will interview Dr. Kathleen Smith, licensed therapist and author of “Everything Isn’t Terrible,” about how we can take good care of ourselves as activists during this pandemic
4/14 3:00 PM Movement Chaplaincy: Hosted by Faith Matters Network
4/15 3:00 PM COVID-19 and the Economic Crisis: An activist’s toolkit for economic justice
4/15 6:00 PM Fireside Chat & Workshop with Author Margaret Klein Salamon:Conversation about her new book, “Facing the Climate Emergency”, followed by Pain Into Action session
4/16 6:00 PM COVID-19: Empower and Connect Info to Save a Million Patients Part 2:Join Grace Lee, founder of Million Patients Cured to followup on how millions of patients can be empowered with knowledge to prevent and cure their own disease
4/17 4:00 PM Mi Vida Su Vida: Develop deeper understanding of our inner workings, including ways to heal

For the latest on SoCo’s schedule, here’s a link to add our calendar.  


Additional Resources

Lastly, Earth Day Live is two weeks away!  If you’re interested in organizing a local live stream, please sign up to host a local digital event through Action Network. We will continue to leverage Action Network’s platform and the map for promoting local, digital events. Be on the lookout for further instructions for promoting your events.
See you soon,
SoCo Team
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