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We have two upcoming webcast Conversations  – plus an upcoming organizing meeting – that we welcome you to be a part of:

1. Tuesday, March 9th – RSVP Kansas Rail Infrastructure Improvement Programs – Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships
2. Monday, March 15th – RSVP “Plans Are For Action” – Interview on the NEW Nevada State Rail Plan
3. Thursday, March 18th – RSVP Solutionary Rail HIVE Call – join the team and help build this project

For more info and links to register, read on.

1. Conversation with John Maddox on Freight Rail in the Public Interest

Date: Tuesday, March 9th

Time: 10am Pacific / Noon Central / 1pm Eastern


John W. Maddox, CPM, is the Program Manager in the Office of Freight and Rail at the Kansas Department of Transportation. The short line infrastructure improvement programs John has overseen for the last 23 years promote public private partnerships with short line railroads, shippers, and local units of government throughout Kansas. These programs are designed to improve rail capacity, provide Kansas farmers and grain elevators with access to competitive transportation options, and improve railroad operating efficiencies – while keeping the Kansas agricultural sector connected to regional, national, and international markets.

We are very pleased to welcome John Maddox to share lessons from his work with others across the country. Join the Conversation by signing up HERE.

2. Conversation with Michael Sussman (Strategic Rail Finance and OnTrackNorthAmerica) on the NEW Nevada State Rail Plan

Date: Monday, March 15th

Time: 1pm Pacific / 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern


Unlike the many pro forma rail plans of other states, the Nevada State Rail Plan is one that takes the future role and public interest in vital railroads seriously:

  • It takes mode shift to rail seriously.
  • It acknowledges the inextricable link to trucking and data.
  • It includes consideration of interstate partnerships – such as with the Port of Oakland – to facilitate meeting regional goals.
  • It even has a section on electrification, with input from the Rail Electrification Council of the National Electric Manufacturers Association, NEMA.

Learn more about our speaker, Michael Sussman and the Nevada State Rail Plan and RSVP HERE.

3. Solutionary Rail HIVE Call – join the team and help build SR!

Date: Thursday, March 18th

Time: Noon Pacific / 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern


We invite you to join our next Solutionary Rail HIVE Call, where we discuss ongoing SR projects, prioritize next steps, and learn about each other’s efforts. They are exciting conversations about electrified rail, mode shift and transportation justice.

And if you can, please help propel this work forward!

Make a small recurring monthly gift HERE or a one time gift HERE.  We are a tiny organization, tackling huge problems – and thanks to the many ways you support this work, we’re making good progress.

Thank you for being part of this solutionary work!

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