You’re invited to a special virtual event on Saturday, May 9, where we’ll launch our 2020 Plan to Win to the public. We are committed to defeating Donald Trump in November and electing champions who will repair our country and protect our environment. We need you there to see how you’re an important part of this movement.
RSVP: Saturday, May 9, 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET
Dear Jeanne,

I know you don’t often hear directly from me about politics. Today you deserve an explanation about how that’s changing and why our political work is our top priority.

I especially want to make sure every Sierra Club member and supporter is signed up for our special virtual event on May 9 where we’ll share, in detail, our 2020 Plan to Win.

This election is — for more reasons than we ever expected — about life and death. All of the issues we care about are connected in this most recent crisis. Communities exposed to pollution are more at risk for COVID-19 — the same communities that often lack access to adequate health care and good paying jobs.

This election is a fight for justice — climate justice, environmental justice, economic justice, racial justice, justice of every kind. That’s what’s on the ballot in 2020, and that’s the fight we’re dedicating ourselves to and asking you to join right now.

If you want to end the Trump presidency and elect leaders who will repair our country and our environment, please join me live on Saturday, May 9.

Right now, we’re seeing the disastrous result of the failed leadership in the White House. The lack of a concrete and comprehensive response to the COVID-19 pandemic only highlights the destruction brought about by Donald Trump. Once again, we see a president who ignores the facts, the science, and the advice of trusted and experienced experts, putting us and future generations at risk. We’ve seen it on the climate crisis, we’ve seen it on attacking our air, water and public lands, we’ve seen it on environmental justice, and now we see it in the gravest threat to public health in recent history.

You’ll hear more on May 9, but over the past few weeks, the Sierra Club has been able to quickly shift our volunteer program in this time of social distancing. We’ve grown our volunteer base and we’ve launched our letter writing, texting, and call teams. To date, we’ve sent more than 1.7 million text messages — a huge achievement. But there’s more work to do.

In November, voters will decide whether we stay on a course barreling towards disaster, or we elect leaders who will take strong, bold action to protect our environment and our communities.

We need to ensure that voters know exactly what the stakes are and how important their vote will be.

Jeanne, that’s where we’re counting on you. You are the voice that can be the difference between winning and losing this fight. Join me on May 9 to learn how you can be a leader for change.

I know these are difficult and uncertain times. It can be hard to be optimistic right now. It’s easy to feel anger and frustration. I feel it too. But know this — thousands of people like you are joining in to do what they can to fight for our values. That’s what gives me hope.

Now let’s come together and fight like mad.

Hope to see you May 9,

Michael Brune
Sierra Club Executive Director

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