Hi all –

We have an important service announcement. It is only…

👉7 days until Earth Day Live 2020! 👈

Right now, we need to promote, promote, promote it to make sure that this is as successful as possible. Here are five ways to help us do that!

  1. Email your mailing list! ✒💻✒

    Please, please email your mailing lists to get people to RSVP to Earth Day Live 2020. There is a template email to help you do so in the Stop the Money Pipeline: Partner Pack
  2. Share the Earth Day LIVE promo video on social media: 🌎📺🌎

    Share on FacebookShare on InstagramShare on Twitter. Or download the video to make your own posts here
  3. Share our beautiful #StopTheMoneyPipeline art and two STMP art videos 🎨🔥🎨

    There is so much beautiful art and two incredible videos in this art toolkit, please share it on social media, use it in your emails to your lists, and (if you really want bonus points) print it off and hang it from your rooftop!
  4. Share our awesome Stop the Money Pipeline song montage: 🎼🎙🎼

    Download the full video here. Facebook post to share. Instagram version of the video here. Gratitude to the People’s Echo, the Peace Poets, Thrive Street Choir, David Solnit and Austin Smith for pulling this together!
  5. Put up a web banner on your website. 🌠🙃🌠

    This is one small but impactful thing you can do to help promote Earth Day Live 2020. Please follow these instructions, and take a few minutes to add a web banner to your organization’s website!

Thanks all. I hope your organization is able to help us get the word out far-and-wide about Earth Day Live. I know that this Earth Day is going to be very different than any of us had imagined, but if we all pull together here, we can still have an impactful, strategic day that truly helps grow the movement that we need to win.

In solidarity
– Alec

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