Thanks so much to 350 Everett, 350 Tacoma, 350 Wenatchee, 350 Spokane and 350 Eastside for joining the Pass the Federal Green New Deal! Coalition. On Friday, the Coalition sent the attached letter to the Washington congressional delegation regarding the Covid-19 crisis as it relates to the Green New Deal. Again, thanks for making our coalition all the stronger by joining.

Given that talks regarding corona-funding are stalling in Washington, if you are able to ask your own groups to call Congress early this week regarding the topics in the attached letter, it would be wonderful. The pressure from big oil to offer a bailout needs to be countered! Let me know if you have any questions. The basic message would be to NOT bail-out the oil industry, and instead to fund green energy infrastructure. More details are in the letter below.
Thanks again.
Selden Prentice
350 Seattle