Hey Jeanne,

It is a scary, uncertain time for so many of us across the world, but we’re all doing the best with what we have right now. Families are sticking together, communities are building mutual aid funds to keep each other afloat, and healthcare workers and first responders are risking their health and their lives on the frontlines.

While we are doing what we can to protect our loved ones, the oil and gas industry are lobbying to make sure that their profits are protected over the health and safety of our communities. As a response to the pandemic, Big Oil companies are looking to the Trump administration and Congress to bail them out with taxpayer dollars instead of bailing out the people most impacted by this crisis. We cannot let this happen.

Tell Congress that you do not support a Big Oil Bailout while working-class people and vulnerable communities bear the brunt of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Every dime that would go to bailout oil and gas companies should be redistributed towards virus test kits, ventilators, and masks; towards increasing hospital capacity; and towards supporting our most vulnerable communities, industry workers, and at-risk individuals.

What Congress invests in now through bailouts, subsidies, loan forgiveness, and health care coverage will determine who recovers and we must ensure that no one is left behind. Bailing out Big Oil is a giant step backward toward a society governed by those that refuse to listen to science. We need to be supporting our communities, making sure all our basic needs are being met and investing in a just transition toward a new economy that puts people and the planet first.

Demand that Congress protect our communities over the profits of the fossil fuel industry.

Big Oil companies will use this “stimulus package” from taxpayers to drill for oil, build more destructive pipelines, and worsen the climate crisis. It does nothing for communities facing the first hand impacts of the pandemic.

That’s why we’re getting started right now, so we can beat this bailout in Congress. Together, we have to make sure there’s no bailout for Big Oil in any coronavirus relief package and push for investments in a just transition.

Are you with us? Let’s get started,


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