Content warning: This email discusses police violence.


This month marks one year since activist Manuel Paez Terán, known as Tortuguita, was shot and killed by police while defending the Weelaunee Forest against Cop City in Atlanta, Georgia.1

This is part of a broader trend of increased violence and repression against climate defenders and activists around the world. And fossil fuel companies are directly paying police forces to criminalize peaceful protest–they must be held accountable.2

Together we can raise awareness and call for an end to this violence and intimidation. If you support justice for climate defenders everywhere and accountability for the fossil fuel industry, please add your name to show your support here.

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Similar to the repression that faced those fighting to Stop Cop City, those fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia and Virginia are facing ever greater restrictions and increasingly harsh punishment for their actions to peacefully disrupt construction.

In September, the pipeline company filed lawsuits against more than 40 individuals and two groups seeking more than $4 million in damages and a ruling prohibiting the defendants from accessing construction sites, planning demonstrations, raising funds for protest activities, or even publicly discussing nonviolent direct action.3

We’ve seen these types of SLAPP lawsuits from #NoKXL to Standing Rock, but the fossil fuel industry has become more severe and developed in their techniques.4

In addition, fossil fuel companies are using their legislative allies and the local police forces to increase the number of felony and criminal charges for anyone on-site during an action, not just those participating in direct action.

This intimidation is not new and is a common practice across the world. Our own colleague, Hoàng Thi Minh Hồng, is the fifth high-profile environmental activist in Vietnam arrested in the past two years on “tax evasion” charges.5

We must protect our freedom to peacefully resist the projects that harm our communities and put our planet past a tipping point.

If you support the safety and rights of climate defenders across the world, add your name today.

In solidarity,

Jeff Ordower
North America Director

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PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004

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