Tar sands is one of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on our planet.

Pipelines like Keystone XL, Line 3, and Trans Mountain are disastrous for people and the planet. They’re built on Indigenous lands without consent, endanger the safety of Indigenous women, and poison nearby communities.

At a time when the West Coast is burning with ash clouds that obscure the sun as far away as Pennsylvania it’s disgusting that fossil fuel companies keep building these toxic pipelines — and it’s downright despicable for big banks to profit from the devastation these pipelines bring.

That’s why on Friday, October 2nd, we’re partnering with Indigenous frontline leaders to organize Stop Funding Tar Sands, a day of solidarity with frontline and Indigenous communities fighting back against Tar Sands pipelines including Line 3, Trans Mountain, and Keystone XL

Can you join us on Friday, October 2nd at 11-1230 PST / 2-330 EST for an Online Rally to hold the funders of tar sands accountable?

During the online rally, we’ll live stream the actions happening outside the headquarters of the corporations bankrolling the pipelines. In between the actions, you’ll hear from Indigenous frontline leaders, including Tara Houska of the Giniw Collective, Kanahus Manuel of the Tiny House Warriors and Jasilyn Charger with Earth Guardians, who will share stories from the frontlines.

Throughout the event we will give you opportunities to take action: calling and writing decision makers, taking the pledge to never bank with fossil funders and helping to make our message travel far and wide on social media.

Can you join us for Stop Funding Tar Sands on Friday, October 2nd at 11-1230 PST / 2-330 EST for an Online Rally to hold the funders of tar sands accountable?

Wall Street isn’t just complicit in these projects, it’s culpable. Without huge loans from banks and insurance from insurance companies, these climate-wrecking, genocidal projects simply couldn’t be built. We know if we stop the flow of money, we stop the flow of oil.

If enough of us come together, we can force Wall Street to stop propping up the fossil fuel industry.

In solidarity,
Stop the Money Pipeline

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