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From: Jessica, Climate Hawks Vote <info@climatehawksvote.com>
Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2021 6:02 AM
Subject: Let’s hold Big Oil accountable


They’ve gotten away with indefensible crimes for far too long.


Remember when ExxonMobil lied to everyone for decades about how their pollution was creating deadly climate change impacts? Big Oil has been getting away with indefensible crimes for far too long.

Climate hawks in Congress have announced a new proposal to create a climate fund that would take money from the biggest polluters and put it into clean energy and climate action.

The plan would raise an estimated $500 billion by collecting fees from high-emissions corporations like ExxonMobil for their past pollution and use the money to establish a fund for clean energy infrastructure, climate projects, and more.

The Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act is a beautifully simple idea with potentially far-reaching benefits for our communities and our planet, but there’s no guarantee it’ll move forward in Congress. That’s why we have to speak up and tell our legislators that they must hold these polluters accountable and support the Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act.

Sign the petition: Polluters must pay for the damage they’ve done.

Thank you!


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