Tomorrow, I’m thrilled to be joined by actress and activist Alice Braga, and Greenpeace Brazil Campaign Director Tica Minami on our Fireside Fire Drill to learn about the connection between the climate crisis and the industrial food system. We’ll hear from our guests about how large-scale food production is a threat to biodiversity, Indigenous communities, and our climate, and what needs to be done to change this system and protect our planet. Will you join us?

Fire Drill Friday on July 31

Tica Minami is a mother, an activist, and rebel who loves the forests, life and happiness as much as she loves ‘the revolution’. She believes in love and creative indignation as transformative forces of mankind. Since 2001, she has been joining forces with others looking for a fairer and more free world. Currently, she is the Director of Campaigns for Greenpeace Brazil. She also encourages and promotes other troublemaker initiatives aiming to increase democracy, social justice, environmental protection as well as human rights.

Alice Braga is a Brazilian actress and activist known for her standout roles in films such as ‘City of God’, ‘Blindness,’ and most recently, the star of USA Network’s ‘Queen of the South’. In 2016, Braga traveled to the Amazon with Greenpeace, and witnessed first hand the struggle people face to protect their land due to the construction of a massive hydroelectric dam. Braga quickly learned how important it was to share these stories and help those fight for justice.

This summer, Alice Braga partnered with Greenpeace to launch Countdown to Destruction, a three-video animated series that explains how the production of food such as meat, dairy, soy and palm oil at an industrial scale is causing widespread deforestation across the world, displacing and threatening Indigenous Peoples, and fueling the climate crisis.
Watch the videos before attending the call!

Countdown to Destruction with Alice Braga

Our food systems are currently ripping apart the Amazon rainforests for huge cattle pastures. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, forests are being cleared, set on fire and bulldozed to make way for palm oil plantations. Today, more land is used to grow food for animals than for people. Something is very wrong.

It is time to come together to defend our planet, the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the future that we all want and deserve. Please join our Fireside Fire Drill tomorrow to learn how you can take action.

In solidarity,

Jane Fonda
Actor, Activist, and Greenpeace supporter

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