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Alberta tar sands developmentLast year, Par Pacifc purchased the US Oil refinery located on Tacoma’s Tideflats. This facility accepts tar sands oil, known to be the dirtiest on the planet, and nearly impossible to clean up. From the point of extraction (where it’s devastating to local and downstream communities in what used to be Canada’s boreal forest) to its presence in our atmosphere (where its carbon pollution is significantly worse than any other oil), tar sands bitumen is a disaster.

Par Pacific intends to expand the facility, allowing an increase in crude oil by rail and oil shipping on the Salish Sea. NOAA determined years ago that our orca population would be doomed by a single conventional oil spill; a spill of tar sands bitumen would be far worse. We cannot afford more tar sands in Washington State.

Tell Department of Ecology: No oil terminal expansion inTacoma.

The Department of Ecology wants the public to weigh in on the renewal of the refinery’s water pollution permit. This water quality permit is meant to protect the community and the water from dirty oil pollution. An expansion of the Par Pacific refinery would have an unacceptable impact on our local water quality and increase the risk of spills across our region and in the Salish Sea. Comment TODAY.

Want to do more? Attend the Department of Ecology’s public hearing and voice your opposition to this dirty business.

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PS The extended comment period for the Feds’ spectacularly bad idea of allowing LNG unit trains ends on Wednesday — comment on that one too, if you haven’t already!


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