Did you know that 350 Wenatchee is far from the only 350.org-affiliated group in Washington State? That there are people fighting for climate justice at eleven different 350 groups across our state? Yakima, Spokane, Wenatchee, Everett, Bellingham, Tacoma, West Sound, Seattle, Bellevue, Vashon Island, and Port Angeles are just some of the cities where 350 people power is taking the fight for climate justice to the streets.

And now, for the very first time, all eleven groups are teaming up to work together as the350 Washington Network! Take a peek at our brand new website at www.350WA.org and see all of the amazing climate organizing happening across our state.

What are we planning to do first with our newly combined powers? Win BIG for climate in the state legislature, and YOU can help!

As you may know, next week is the start of the 2020 legislative session in Olympia ― and despite some modest steps towards climate action last year, we have a long, long way to go. That’s one reason we’ve formed the 350 WA Network: so that we can collaborate across the state and make our voices heard in as many of the state’s 49 legislative districts as possible.

This legislative session we are launching the 350 WA Civic Action Team. Can you sign up to join the 350 WA Civic Action Team?

Legislators have told us they don’t hear much from their constituents about climate ― and that’s an important reason why so few of them seem to care about it. Together, we’re going to change that.

By signing up for the 350 WA Civic Action Team, you will receive weekly emails with all the latest updates from the legislative session. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to do your bit by providing contact phone numbers, bill numbers and suggested call scripts. All you’ll have to do is pick up the phone and dial. Can you sign up here for the 350 WA Civic Action Team?

Last year, 350 Seattle’s Civic Action Team generated nearly 4,500 legislator contacts during the legislative session. We know that by working together, 350 WA can have an even bigger impact.

Together, we can make sure that climate justice is a top priority this legislative session.

In solidarity across the State of Washington,

Jill MacIntyre Witt, 350 Bellingham; Bonnie Shipman, 350 Eastside; Julie Martinson, 350 Everett; Ed Bowlby, Olympic Climate Action; Alec Connon, 350 Seattle; Rebecca MacMullan, 350 Spokane; Grace Hope, 350 Tacoma; Jeanne Poirier, 350 Wenatchee; Martha Bishop, 350 West Sound Climate Action; Kevin Jones, Vashon Climate Action Group; Coleen Anderson, 350 Yakima ― for the 350 WA Network