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Our state’s largest and most expensive for-profit utility, Puget Sound Energy has released the latest version of its quadrennial 20-year plan, and guess what? It sucks! Even though they are required by law to plan to be 80 percent carbon-free by 2030, they’re still finding excuses to delay investments in clean renewable energy.

Send a message to our utility regulators — hold PSE accountable!

PSE continues to prop up the dirtiest coal plant in the west, still plans to add gas power plants to its system, has wasted a decade avoiding implementing meaningful demand response programs, and ignores our state’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

It’s time for PSE to plan for a clean energy future!

Want to tell them yourself in person? There’s a hearing for that, this Friday!

What: PSE Integrated Resource Plan Hearing
When: Friday, February 26, 10:30am; public comment begins at 1:00pm
How: Email and tell them you want to testify on PSE’s Integrated Resource Plan, Dockets UE-200304 (electric) and/or UG-200305 (natural gas).

Here are some talking points to get you started.

The future we need is powered with clean energy. We’ve passed a law to make that happen, now our regulators need to make PSE comply with the law.

In solidarity,
David and Stacy, for Carbon-Free PSE

PS Join us on Thursday, February 25th at 6pm for the last installment in our community empowerment series, Solutions for a Healthy, Clean Futureregister here.



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