The impacts of climate chaos are personal and tragic. Unprecedented winter storms have devastated people in Texas, who are suffering without power and water, enduring single-digit temperatures. Families in California still haven’t recovered from the fires that ravaged their homes over the summer. Unless we put a STOP to fossil fuels, tragedies like these will only get worse, and the loss of life will escalate.

That’s why a new oil pipeline is such a disastrous idea: The Line 3 pipeline is one of the most dangerous fossil fuel projects in the world. It would tear a path from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin, bulldozing its way UNDERNEATH the Mississippi River and directly through Indigenous territories without their permission.It would contribute as much to the climate crisis as 50 new coal-fired power plants in just 1 pipeline.

This action and photo took place before COVID-19.

If we don’t stop it, Line 3 will continue to violate Indigenous rights, destroy the food, water, and lands of the Anishinaabe people, and carve a path of climate destruction for decades to come.

We have less than a month to stop this climate catastrophe from happening, Jeanne. That’s when big banks will decide whether or NOT to renew the $2.2 billion loan to expand Enbridge’s Line 3 and the flow of tar sands.

Chase and other big banks have poured billions of dollars into financing and underwriting Line 3, but without this flow of money, Line 3 can’t be built. That’s why we need to STOP the credit renewal of Line 3 before it goes through next month!

We need all hands on deck to stop the construction of Line 3 NOW. Frontline activists are risking their lives in sub-zero temperatures to physically block construction. But more equipment and man-power are arriving daily, and we have to support those on the frontlines today.

We need you to help us pressure Chase to END financing of this destructive tar sands pipeline and STOP Line 3 for good. Take action and we’ll deliver your message loud and clear.

The time for talk is done, Jeanne, we have to act now to stop banks like Chase from investing in fossil fuel projects that are killing people and devastating our climate. Together, we’ll stop Line 3 and future climate destruction.

In solidarity,

Ruth Breech
Senior Campaigner
Climate & Energy
Rainforest Action Network



P.S. What we’re seeing in Texas are the very real impacts of bad policy and lack of movement to stop the climate crisis. Read more on how to help.

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