An early draft of the 2020 Democratic party platform just leaked to the press – and it only mentions the words “fossil fuels” once.

A climate policy that doesn’t address the biggest cause of the crisis – burning fossil fuels – isn’t a plan at all and is a major step backwards from the party platform in 2016. We won’t allow it. 

We have from now until the Democratic Convention in Milwaukee next month to put as much pressure as possible on the DNC to step up and do what’s right for the climate. If enough climate voters speak out, we can demand that keeping fossil fuels in the ground be included. 

Will you sign our petition right now to the DNC members demanding that a phase-out of fossil fuel production be included in the 2020 climate platform?

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While Joe Biden’s climate plans ban new fossil fuel leases on public lands, end subsidies for the industry, and apply a ‘climate test’ for fossil fuel infrastructure – the DNC’s draft platform includes nothing about stopping dirty energy expansion or phasing out existing fossil fuel production.

Even the 2016 platform called for phasing out extraction of fossil fuels on public lands and halting fracking in localities that oppose it. This 2020 draft is a step backward for the climate, and it will cost the party the votes it needs to defeat Trump. 

Without ambitious proposals from the Democratic Party, not only will we fall short in the climate action we need, there’s a risk that not enough people will show up to stop the rising wave of Trump’s anti-science, racist, and authoritarian agenda. The polls show that climate is one of the strongest ways to move voters away from Trump and increases motivation to vote.1

The stakes this November are too high: the Democratic Party needs to answer Trump’s climate denial with a call for serious action for climate justice.

With your help, the climate movement can turn the tide against the fossil fuel industry and demand that the Democratic Party stand for climate justice. Add your name to our petition now.

In this historic moment, we need solutions to the climate crisis that advance justice for workers and communities confronted daily with systemic racism and toxic pollution – not watered-down policies that take us backwards and deny climate science.

Thank you for speaking out.

350 Action Team

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1 – Global Strategy Group




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