Have you seen our new police foundations video? Earlier this month we collaborated with Good Morning, Bad News1 to create a video exposing the dangers of corporate-funded police foundations. Check it out:

In October, Color Of Change and Little Sis2 released a report detailing how police foundations have been funneling money and weapons to local police departments behind closed doors — without government accountability and oversight.

This 2:20 video breaks down some of our report’s findings. Make sure to watch and share.


From the New York City Police Foundation giving priority and favors to the Motion Picture Association to the Atlanta Police Foundation funding a massive  police training facility that tears down Atlanta’s largest forest, police foundations across the country are funding police militarization and harming Black communities.

Jeanne, we know that overfunded, militarized police forces don’t keep us safe. As communities across the nation demand critical investments in what actually keeps us safe, healthy, and housed, police foundations exist to funnel corporate money towards private policing and to secretly continue the militarization of police departments.

That’s why we will continue to call out police foundations and their corporate enablers, and bring attention to the damage they do to our communities. Watch and share our new video now.

Thank you for joining us in that fight.

Until Justice is Real,

Scott, Rashad, Arisha, Malachi, Megan, Ernie, Palika, Ariel, Madison, Trevor, Erick, Ana, Kristiana, McKayla and the Color Of Change team


1. Good Morning, Bad News.

2. Little Sis.

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