The following plea is from We need our legislators to know that there are people in Eastern Washington that want to do something about Climate Change! Please consider forwarding this to 10 other people that might also contact the Legislators!!!
“For years we’ve heard that one of the greatest barriers to passing meaningful climate legislation is that so few legislators hear from people about climate. Our mission this year is to change that!
For the 2019 legislative session we are setting ourselves the goal of collectively making 2,000 calls to legislators.”
Two Bills need our Help! You can use these scripts to call or email your Representatives:(or just speak from the heart!)
Methane Gas Emissions HB1597
“Hi, I’m calling to ask Representative [NAME] to support Rep. Gerry Pollet’s Upstream Methane Emissions bill, which addresses the problem of methane leakage in pipelines. Methane is 86x more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Our utilities need to take that into account. Just 3% leakage and gas is as bad for the climate as coal. Please support Rep. Pollet’s bill.”
100% Clean Energy Bills – (SB 5116 & HB 1211)
“I’m calling to ask Representative [NAME] to support the 100% Clean electricity bill. It’s crucial that we have no coal in our electricity grid by 2025 and that our electric grid is at least 90% fossil free by 2030. I ask that the he support any amendments introduced that would make the bill stronger in moving us away from fossil fuels, and oppose any amendments that would do the opposite.”
Contact Information:
Senator Brad Hawkins: 360-786-7622  or
Rep. Keith Goehner 360-786-7954 or
Rep. Mike Steele 360-786-7832  or
Once you’ve made your calls, please take two minutes to fill out this form to register your calls, and let us know how they went.
Thank you so much for making these calls―together, our voices can be mighty and help make sure that 2019 is the year we finally pass meaningful climate policy!