Hello 350 WA network!
I’m Alice, with the Pledge of Resistance team at 350 Seattle. I’m excited to announce we’re putting on a training series on direct action this August-September and am reaching out to invite you all to send a group to attend. It’s called Agents of Change: Direct Action Training Series; we will be teaching participants the core skills they need to plan and participate in safe, strategic, and impactful direct actions. 
We’re inviting people to attend in teams because our goal is for people to strengthen their existing relationships and form affinity groups. The training is geared towards people who are already involved in organizing and/or active in their communities and who want to get ready to engage in direct action. If some 350 WA groups can attend, it will be awesome to have people skilling up and getting action-ready across the state. If people don’t have a team, though, they can come as individuals too.

Are any of you interested in sending a group to attend the training together?

Agents of Change includes a kickoff event, three webinars, an Action Lab where we’ll teach concrete skills like de-escalation, and an action that we all do together.  You are all invited to the kickoff event, which will be Monday, August 2nd from 6-7:30pm at Jefferson Park. It’ll be a fun event with food, socializing, and storytelling from people who have participated in some incredible direct actions. There’s no commitment attached to attending– you can just come hang out, eat food, and hear more about the training — we only ask that folks planning to attend RSVP here so we can get a headcount for food! 

You can sign up and read more about the training at https://350seattle.org/resistance-agents-of-change/

I’m happy to answer any questions and hope your team will consider joining us!