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1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
Dear Friends,

This will be quick, but I wanted to share something exciting with you—the Op-ed that Bill McKibben and I wrote for today’s New York Times, about all of our work together in Third Act.

“Codger Power” is perhaps not the moniker we would have chosen, but we’re willing (with a wink) to take the Times’ term—and very happy that they’re giving us a great opportunity to spread our ideas far and wide. Here’s a line that captures the possibilities for me: “What really should scare the corporate and political bad actors is the prospect of old and young people connecting, because there is real power if we work across generations.”

We hope you’ll share the article with as many people as possible—and that while you’re doing so you’ll also share the Banking on Our Future pledge. We’ve got lots of powerful work to do together in the months ahead, and we’re very glad that work got a boost from the nation’s most-read newspaper today.

Thanks for being a part of Third Act—
Akaya Windwood
Lead Advisor, Third Act

P.S. Please share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn: Here’s to building intergenerational power! Check out this NYT op-ed by @AkayaWindwood and @billmckibben on talented, older Americans’ mobilizing with @third_act_org to #ActOnClimate and #ProtectDemocracy! #ThirdAct


New York Times Op-Ed Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/07/opinion/older-americans-power.html

Banking On Our Future Link: https://thirdact.org/what-we-do/banking-on-our-future/

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