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People protest Chase Bank funding climate chaos
Dear Jeanne,

As an activist with Third Act, you’ve been part of our Banking on our Future campaign to pressure the big four banks⁠—Bank of America, Chase, Citbank, and Wells Fargo⁠—to stop bankrolling climate destruction. Thank you to the thousands of you who have already signed the Pledge to cut-up your credit cards and move your money out of these banks if they don’t agree to end their financing of fossil fuel companies and projects by the end of this year!

Today, we are asking you to take action with our partner Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP) to sign open letters from customers to the bank CEOs calling for climate justice.

Our movement’s pressure campaign on these banks will come in stages, so we are collaborating with partners from different angles and with varying messages. As you know, we aim to push the banks hard enough that they change their practices before we have to take action to move our money at year’s end. By adding your name to these letters, you are helping our movement put these big banks on notice.

STMP will deliver these “Customers for Climate Justice” letters to Bank CEOs early next week. So, please sign the letters by this Friday, at the latest.

Since the Paris Agreement was signed, Wall Street banks have loaned nearly $1.2 trillion to the fossil fuel industry―money that is used to build new coal mines and oil pipelines. Chase Bank is also the biggest financier of Russia’s Gazprom, underwriting Putin’s war in Ukraine.  Fossil fuels, colonialism, and corporate and government corruption are the root causes of both war and climate change.

Banks are using their customers’ money⁠—your money⁠—to fund fossil fuels, putting our livelihoods and communities in jeopardy. Yet, those very same banks claim to care about the concerns of their customers. That’s why bank customers like you have special leverage to demand that their bank does better. And that’s why older Americans⁠—who hold 70% of the wealth in the US and are longstanding bank customers⁠—are vital to effectively influencing the banks.

If you bank with Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo or Bank of America, please join the more than 22,000 other customers and sign on to the Customers for Climate Justice Open Letter to CEOs.

Over the coming months, Third Act and Stop the Money Pipeline will continue to collaborate on organizing tens of thousands of bank customers to collectively demand climate justice from their financial institutions.

CEOs like Chase’s Jamie Dimon will have a choice: stop funding fossil fuels and destroying our future or risk losing thousands of customers like us.

Through Third Act’s Banking on our Future campaign and our partnerships, we will also be supporting customers and Third Actors like you to take additional actions: setting up meetings with your financial advisors and branch managers to express your dismay that banks are using your money to fund climate chaos; sending emails, making phone calls, and writing good old-fashioned letters to bank executives; rallying and protesting at bank branches; and organizing other bank customers in your networks.

Sign-on to the Customers for Climate Justice Open Letter to CEOs. Together, we can push our banks to stop financing fossil fuels and start investing in a healthy future for coming generations.

Thanks for all you do!

Deborah Moore
Third Act Campaign Strategist
and the Third Act Team

P.S. Learn more about Third Act’s Banking on our Future Campaign and our Pledge.

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