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It’s spooooooky season! But Puget Sound Energy (PSE) spins tricks that harm our climate and communities all year round. PSE continuously pushes fossil fuels, especially fracked gas.

They have shown their monster side — one that puts profit over people.

Take this quiz to see if you can catch PSE’s tricks, and be entered into a drawing to win some treats!

As election day looms, the stakes feel higher than ever. No matter the outcome, our work is not over. It’s easy to get down these days, but we know that education and action on local issues creates change. That’s why we’re offering something fun that can help us spread the news about Puget Sound Energy’s tricks.

After you take the quiz, click here to share it on Twitter, or check out our guide on social media posting to other platforms using the hashtag #FrackOffPSE.

When you take the quiz, you will be entered into a raffle to win a treat from the anti-fossil fuel coalition, Power Past Fracked Gas. The accuracy of your answers will not impact your eligibility to win. The quiz will close and winners will be drawn on November 6th. Winners will be contacted for the best means to receive your treat. So, take a break from any election work you’re doing or worries you’re holding to catch PSE’s tricks.

Puget Sound Energy has millions to spend on greenwashing and spinning the facts…but we have people power to spread the truth, and help set the world free from the harms of fracked gas!

In solidarity,
Stacy Oaks for the 350 Seattle Tacoma LNG Resistance Team



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