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Advancing a Just Transition across Washington State means shifting power back into the hands of frontline communities, stopping what harms us, and building the future we need. That includes building a just and regenerative energy system that puts the health and well-being of current and future generations first at every stage of the energy process, from generating power to lighting and heating our homes.

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In 2019, Front and Centered helped write and pass the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) to transition Washington state to 100% clean electricity over the next two decades. We have worked ever since to ensure that CETA is implemented in a way that stays true to provisions we fought for – the equitable distribution of clean and affordable energy and reducing burdens on frontline communities. Three years after passing CETA into law, utilities have made halting progress in advancing the stated goals for electric utilities to equitably transition to 100% clean, non-greenhouse gas emitting electricity for Washington consumers.

Here’s your opportunity to learn more and get involved! Join us on August 17 for a virtual briefing, Energy Justice – How Do We Fulfill CETA’s Promise?, to learn more about CETA implementation and our efforts to center equity. 

Briefing: Energy Justice – How Do We Fulfill CETA’s Promise? 

Date/Time: August 17, 2022, 10:00-11:15 am


  • Mariel Thuraisingham, Front and Centered, Clean Energy Policy Lead
  • Deric Gruen, Front and Centered, Co-Executive Director, Programs and Policy
  • Lauren McCloy, NW Energy Coalition, Policy Director
  • Leena Vo, Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Program Manager
  • Paul Tabayoyon, Asian Pacific Islanders Coalition – Yakima, Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Nico Wedekind, University of Washington School of Law Regulatory Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, Diehl Fellow

Here’s some quick background: Electricity emissions reductions are vital to countering the harms of climate change and fostering a regenerative economy. The only transition off fossil fuels that is just or feasible is one that center’s equity by elevating and prioritizing the interests of the people and communities most vulnerable to exclusion and harm as a result of doing things the same old way – disproportionate utility cost burdens, energy shut offs and insecurity, infrastructure and development and associated pollution impacts, and power sources rooted in the dig, dump, burn economy.

It is indisputable that taking action now is far less costly than putting it off. So what’s the hold up?

Utilities. Utilities are pushing back and regulatory and oversight bodies are not stepping up to fulfill the promise of CETA, so we must work together to hold them accountable to achieve an equitable transition and 100% renewable energy. The law is asking a lot of Washington’s 65+ electric utilities who must plan their transition actions, secure clean sources for the electricity they serve customers, assess and equitably manage the impacts of their decisions on communities, and minimize the burden of rising rates on low-income households.

Register now for our free briefing next Wednesday to find out more about centering equity in Washington’s clean energy transition.

Thank you,

Mariel Thuraisingham,
Clean Energy Policy Lead

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