Jeanne —

One of the most talked-about bills from this year’s legislative session was Clean Cars 2030. It would have required all new cars and light trucks sold in Washington to be electric. It generated national attention, but had a very bumpy road: first it was a mandate, then a goal, then it died, then it was amended to another bill, then it passed, and then

On May 13th, Governor Inslee shocked us by vetoing Clean Cars 2030.

The Governor claims he still supports the Clean Cars 2030 target and vetoed the provision because it was attached to a road usage fee.

If the Governor supports this policy has the power to implement it. Will you join us and ask Governor Inslee to issue an executive order for 100% clean cars by 2030?

If Governor Inslee wants to be a leader in clean transportation, he has the power to set a target that all new cars sold in Washington be electric by 2030. In addition the Governor can direct all state agencies to incorporate this goal in their decision-making and planning.

Our climate, health and environment can’t wait.

The Clean Cars 2030 Coalition, which includes 350 Seattle, will be ramping up the pressure on the Governor to take action this summer.

Thank you for adding your voice!

— David, 350 Seattle Civic Action Team



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