Dear Friend:

On behalf of the team at Coltura and our coalition partners, we want to thank you for using your voice to speak up for climate, health, and equity in Washington state by submitting your testimony in support of Clean Cars 2030 (HB 1204).

Now we invite you to take the next steps needed to give Clean Cars 2030 a big push forward.

You live in the district of Rep. Goehner, who is a key member of the House Transportation Committee. This means your further action can have an outsized impact on the success of this bill.

  1. Call or email: Just a few phone calls and emails can make a big difference. This is to invite you to write or call Rep. Goehner urging support of HB 1204 by clicking here

or calling the Rep at this number: (360) 786-7954

Sample script: Hi! I live in the district and want to register my strong support for HB 1204, the Clean Cars 2030 bill. This bill is important to me because (choose your favorites):

  • I want clean air
  • I want a healthy climate
  • Washington should lead the country on cutting vehicle emissions
  • I want to keep our fuel dollars in the local economy
  • I want to protect our salmon and orcas from water polluted by drips and spills of gasoline and motor oil
  • I want our state to have EVs in many models at every price range


  1. Spread the word: Please forward this message to neighbors/friends who live nearby. The more emails/phone calls, the better!

You’re also invited to a bill update and rally this Friday, where we’d like to acknowledge your important work, provide an update on Clean Cars 2030, and answer your questions.

What: HB 1204 /Clean Cars 2030 Update/Rally

When: Friday, Feb 12, Noon

Where: Zoom, Register in advance for this meeting:


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Thank you again for your testimony on behalf of Clean Cars 2030 and an amazing first hearing – it couldn’t have happened without you!

For climate, health, and equity,

Matthew Metz


P.S.  Please enjoy this short new video clip from PBS on Clean Cars 2030 shot in the 36th District.

Matthew N. Metz

Co-Executive Director


110 Prefontaine Pl. S., Ste. 304

Seattle, WA  98104

(206) 445-7628