The above is from Ruth of Rainforest Action Network – (for you Sue!!)  Below is from Alec Connon. (I’ll pick another call day and let y’all know when it is.)

Hi all –

I wanted to take a breath and just reflect on the week that we just had: Jane Fonda’s video directly calling out Jamie Dimon was released, Avaaz took out a full-page advert in the Financial Times calling out Jamie Dimon, Greta Thunberg demanded that the banks stop funding the fossil fuel industry, Elizabeth Warren wrote to the banks telling them to send her their climate plans, Wall Street CEO’s went public whinging that the climate crisis is not their problem, there was an epic action in New York (go Rise and Resist!), Rising Tide Chicago made their presence felt at Chase Tower in Chicago and we mailed nearly 1,500 letters from about ten different states to Jamie Dimon’s home. Boom! 🙌🔥🌎❤

What does momentum look like? Can you hear us yet, Jamie?

Next up, join us for our call this Wednesday…

What: Chase Coalition Call with Bill McKibben (and many other equally awesome Chase activists)
When: Wednesday, Jan 29th at 5 Pacific / 8 Eastern
Where: Zoom. Register here. (Note: you do need to register for the call!)

And, please if you haven’t already done so please consider signing up for a day on the Call Jamie Dimon Calendar. Even if you may only generate 5-10 phone calls in a day – if his office gets that many calls most days, that’ll have a real impact. There’s a call Jamie Dimon Toolkit here.

So much mad respect and love for you warriors of justice,

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