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I’m sure many of you saw that Chase recently released its 2030 climate targets — and that they are atrociously bad, both for how weak they are and the appalling precedent they set.

In response, STMP is generating emails to all Wall Street CEOs, letting them know this sort of greenwashing won’t fly. Then next week, members of the Chase network & STMP activists will be delivering ‘Greenwashing Awards’ to Chase branches around the country. (Sign up here if you’re down to deliver a very special greenwashing award to a Chase branch in your community.)

Finally, I’ll share this Common Dreams piece I typed up in response to Chase’s BS targets. (If you’re moved to share it it’s on STMP’s Twitter and FB.)

– alec

PS: here is the STMP email we just sent to our list about Chase’s 2030 targets…


In October, JPMorgan Chase announced that it intends to align its business model with the Paris Agreement. It was a massive moment that felt like a real payoff for those of us who have been campaigning against Chase for years.

They didn’t announce everything at once, however. One particular piece they held back were their 2030 climate targets. Last week those targets finally arrived — and they are devastatingly bad.

Chase doesn’t intend to reduce their funding of the fossil fuel industry at all in the next decade. This is a betrayal of all life on earth because by 2030 it will be far too late.

We’re doing two things to respond. Can you help?

  1. Click here to send an email to the CEOs of all Wall Street banks, letting them know that this greenwashing won’t be tolerated. Your email will go directly to the inbox of every Wall Street CEO. It’s imperative that they get the message that we won’t fall for empty greenwashing tricks.
  2. Next week, we are delivering “Greenwashing Awards” to Chase branches across the country. Can you sign up here to deliver a “Greenwashing Award” to a Chase branch in your community?

Collectively, we’ve done everything we can to push Chase in the right direction. We have hounded Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, across the country, we’ve displayed our messages so that they were 30 feet high outside of his home, we’ve shut down streets outside of their headquarters.

Here in Seattle, I have watched dozens of friends get arrested for holding Chase accountable for its role in the climate crisis; two of them spent five days in a courthouse, as they went to trial to plead the necessity of their actions.

In virtually every state in the country, people have united to demand that Chase take the climate crisis seriously. Last year, close to 50% of Chase’s shareholders voted for a business plan that would align the company with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Yet, rather than real climate action, we get empty, insidious greenwashing.

Help us hold Chase and all of Wall Street accountable by sending them a direct message right now, and signing up to make sure they get the award they deserve.

In solidarity
– Alec, Stop the Money Pipeline

P.S. Want to learn more about Chase’s shallow climate commitments? Check out this Common Dreams piece we just had published.

Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, Coalition Coordinator
writer’s website: www.alecconnon.com

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