Hi all –

Realize this is a little late in coming, but wanted to share some good news that came out of last months May 7th #ShutDownChase actions — three days after the nationwide #ShutDownChase action Chase contacted the Treaty Alliance and requested meetings with all of the First Nations along the Trans Mountain pipeline route, which was one of our main demands when we met with some senior management back in December.

Also, I forget if I shared this but in case not, feel free to check out our 2-minute wrap-up video of the Seattle action, where we shut down a main downtown street outside of Chase’s PNW HQ.

Looking forward to our next call on Tuesday, June 19th at 5 PT / 8 ET — I’ll be sending out a an agenda for the call ahead of time, and if any of you have items that you would like to see on their (including updates from work in your area!) please send me an email off-list!

Thanks all!
350 Seattle