*Heading for Extinction – 2021 Climate Annihilation Update. Heat domes, deadly floods in Europe and China, new evidence of tipping points, the latest about “moving the goalpost,” and documents proving that Exxon and others knew 40 years ago the fossil fuels will destroy all life on Earth. This presentation, by Extinction Rebellion America (XR) will be presented on Monday,  Aug. 9 at 4:00pm for those in the Pacific time zone. Whether you agree not, you should watch this presentation; it:

♥ Holds a unique vision for change to transform the status quo

♥ Anchors its work with strong principles and values to guide us along the path of Rebellion

♥ Embraces nonviolent civil disobedience

♥ Creates actions that are beautiful, theatrical, and often quite naughty

Register here: https://mobilize.xramerica.org/heading_for_extinction_update

*This is not a 350Wenatchee.org sanctioned event – but as the newsletter editor I think it is something all climate activists should be aware of if you want to know what’s happening.



We look at the Climate Crisis through a Spiritual point of view and take actions in faith.  If you are interested in joining us, email interfaithclimatewen@gmail.com

YOU ARE INVITED! 350Wenatchee – CCNCW – Sustainable Wenatchee 

Join us on Friday, August 20th for a climate groups gathering.  While there is no specific agenda, speaker or meeting planned – it would be great to review what we’ve done in the past as well as talk together about our view of the future.  Add some music – opportunities for photo by Coyote leads the Salmon statue and MAYBE Fossil Fuelman will come and we can all say a GOOD BYE to him!  Chalk will be available if anyone wants to draw/write a message on the walkways.

Sometimes it’s just good to gather and right now we can!  We will share discussions, what’s on our minds/hearts/ideas and hopefully dance a bit.  SO – come and bring whoever it is you would like to bring for this gathering.  Join us for any or all of the time. We will set aside 6:00-7:00 for our “official review and planning time” for those of you who can only join us for a short time.

Shelter #2 has been reserved 3P-8P.  This is Walla Walla Point Park, where you turn in across from Town Toyota Center and head south.

AT LINK we are putting on our party hats!

Please join Link Transit staff and elected officials in marking a major public transportation electrification milestone during a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11 am, Thursday, Aug. 19 at Columbia Station, 300 S. Columbia Street in Wenatchee. The occasion marks the completion of wireless charger installation at the station and caps 12 years of groundbreaking work to create a fully functional fleet of full-sized extended-range electric transit vehicles capable of traveling the distances demanded of the rural region Link serves. Link’s innovative project reduces vehicle emissions, creates a cleaner and quieter environment and saves taxpayer money with reliable, low maintenance engines. “We have pushed the technology at Link,” said General Manager Richard DeRock. “We really are a national model for how rural public transportation companies can lead the nation as we build a clean energy economy for America.”

Please direct inquiries regarding this event to marketing@linktransit.com



The situation in Anishinaabe territory is dire right now.

Enbridge is spilling drilling fluid in wetlands next to the Mississippi headwaters as it builds the Line 3 pipeline and Water Protectors are chaining themselves to drilling equipment to prevent Enbridge from violating Anishinaabe treaty rights.

On Friday, cops assaulted peaceful Water Protectors using tear gas, mace, and rubber bullets. After brutalizing them, police arrested twenty people, including Giniw Collective founder, Tara Houska. The Water Protectors were kept in jail over the weekend, denied medications, placed in solitary and given moldy and inedible food to eat.

This brutality, it is important to remember, is being directly paid for by Enbridge, the fossil fuel company that literally bought the tear gas that police used last week.

Despite all of this, in June, major banks, such as JPMorgan Chase and Citibank, facilitated $1.5 billion in so-called “sustainability bonds” for Enbridge.

Go to http://JOIN THE CAMPAIGN STOP THE MONEY PIPELINE to find out what you can do.

THE NEXT BIG CLIMATE EVENT: On November 1st, the most important international climate talks since Paris will begin in Glasgow, Scotland. National leaders from around the world will gather and make new climate commitments; major corporations will release new climate plans in the weeks leading up to the talks.

The Glasgow Climate Talks are a historic opportunity for the world to act on climate. When the Paris Agreement was signed, every nation on earth agreed to meet five years later and “ratchet up” their climate ambition. We’re now at that moment.

Between now and November 1st, 350.org is going to build a massive people-powered campaign that forces both the public and private funders of climate chaos to act.  350Wenatchee.org will be involved in these actions.  Come and help us make plans on Aug. 20th (see above) or watch this space for more ACTIONs.


Readings from Yale Climate Connections:

Indigenous Ranching learns from the past: https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2021/08/indigenous-rancher-is-a-125th-generation-land-steward/

Something to Chew On: https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2021/07/report-households-waste-more-than-500-million-metric-tons-of-food-each-year/


No photo description available.SUSTAINABLE WENTCHEE UPDATE: 

Upcoming Events

  • Follow us on Instagram for our first ever giveaway! We’ve partnered with Wenatchee River Institute of Leavenworth and Colchuck Consignment of Cashmere to offer three lucky winners a eqpd bag, SnakPak from Leavenworth Mountain Products or a zero waste Leaf razor kit (razor, 50 recyclable blades, and stand). Giveaway ends Monday, 8/16. 
  • Pybus University – Join me on August 31st for an IN PERSON (knock on wood) Pybus U class about alternative transportation. As the proud new owner of a Nissan Leaf, I’ll be talking about electric vehicles, joined by Selina with Link Transit and Scott from Arlberg Sports sharing about e-bikes. Full class description coming soon. Tuesday, August 31st, 7pm at Pybus. 
  • We’ll be hitting up the Leavenworth (9/16) and Cashmere (10/10) Farmer’s Markets in addition to Pride Festival (9/18) this fall. Keep an eye our for us and say hi!

Confused about recycling? Who isn’t anymore? And we want to do something about it! We get a lot of questions about what specific items can be recycled, and so we’re working toward a solution where everyone can easily find the information they need. Read our exciting announcement about an upcoming NCW Waste and Recycle Directory and how you can get involved. 

On the blog: Learn some great tips to work toward zero waste shopping from SW volunteer Madelyn in Bulk Up! Zero Waste Shopping 101. Then check out SW board member Cassie’s guide to bike commuting where she addresses common reasons people are hesitant to hop on their bike instead of in their car. Lots of great links within, including interactive bike maps and a bike parking inventory.

Sustainably, Jana Fischback – Executive Director

NCW United – 7 Days of Action #230: 


Sue Kane – Newsletter Editor