“Stop the Money Pipeline” has taken incredible strides since October 2021: thousands of us have demanded that our banks stop financing fossil fuels and deforestation. Tens of thousands of customers have signed letters to their bank’s CEOs, thousands have sent emails, hundreds have made phone calls to bank executives and called out their banks on social media. Over 100 customers have met with branch managers around the country.

Customer advocacy has grown our movement and given activists new tactics to try on. We’ve educated tons of customers and bank staff including branch managers, regional managers, and the Head of Consumer Banking and the Head of Sustainability at Citibank, and the Head of Sustainability at Wells Fargo.

However, with that said, even after all of this incredible organizing that customers have pulled off, banks are still financing fossil fuels and deforestation.

👉Pledge to join a movement of bank customers in moving their money on 3.21.23

So, now we are also asking customers to participate in some new escalations and strategies to pressure the bad banks, as well as support better banks. To put more pressure on the dirty banks we are asking folks to pledge to collectively to move their money during a national day of action on March 21, 2023. This day of action will kick off a season of actions putting pressure on big banks during one of the most critical times of the year – during their shareholder meetings.

👉If you are a customer, pledging to “move your money” is just the first step

Moving your money can look like a lot of things. It could look like opening up a card with a green bank, moving a large chunk of money out of a checking account, symbolically cutting up a cardboard credit card to show that you’ve decided to stop using a credit card with a fossil fuel financing bank, and more! We want as many folks as possible participating in this day; we want folks to get creative and participate in ways that work for them.

👉Save the date: March 21st, 2023 is the day to take action as a bank customer

Ultimately, we are going to need as many folks taking action as possible in order to win. Wherever you are at as a customer, there is a way for you to get involved. We are asking customers to take a look and see what works best for them to most align their money with their values and to take advantage of this moment to take things a step further.

The more customers that join us in the movement, the more power we have to demand our banks stop financing fossil fuels and deforestation. If you have any questions about how to get involved, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email with any questions you may have.

In solidarity,
Sarah Lasoff, Customers for Climate Justice

P.S. Our friends at Third Act have compiled some great resources to help you move your money. For example:💡What to Consider When Switching to Greener Credit Cards: FAQs Click on any of the links in this email to check out the Third Act site for more info on the National Stop Dirty Banks Day of Action and more resources for moving your money.


Feb. 8 – Wenatchee Interfaith Climate Group meeting @ 1:00 We look at the Climate Crisis through a Spiritual point of view and take actions in faith.  If you are interested in joining us, email interfaithclimatewen@gmail.com


FIRST FIND OUT : What Pipeline expansion? Check out this new 3-minute video (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) that explains TC Energy’s proposal and spells out why Washington leaders should tell federal regulators to deny GTN Xpress.

In the past three years, Washington has taken major steps to curb our region’s reliance on climate-polluting fracked gas. Case in point: Washington law requires reductions in greenhouse gas pollution by 2030. Yet, TC Energy plans to expand its Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) pipeline, which would result in more annual emissions than all commercial buildings in Washington combined.

NEXT: Join us in asking Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray to speak out in opposition to increasing the Pacific Northwest’s reliance on fracked gas. TC Energy’s expansion plan is completely counter to Washington’s climate goals and the best interests of communities already facing the devastating consequences of climate change!

Please call our two Senators, as well as Governor Inslee, asking them to issue public statements in opposition to GTN’s proposal. Click here for a suggested call script.
Governor Jay Inslee:   360-902-4111
Senator Maria Cantwell Seattle number:   206 220 6400
DC number:  202 224 3441
Senator Patty Murray Seattle number:  206 553 5545
DC number:  202-224-2621

Want to do more? Join the February 13th People’s Hearing. If you’d like FERC to hear your views about this project, please join Senator Jeff Merkley and Rogue Climate on February 13th at 5:00 p.m. via Zoom, for a People’s Hearing. You can sign up here to speak at the hearing and/or submit a comment to FERC.

Are you part of the Civil Action Team (CAT) that is advising the legislature on positive climate legislation? If so, THANKS! If not, join here: https://www.350wa.org/cat

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Sue Kane – Editor