Would You Like to Participate in a Positive Action that Helps our Community?  A number of groups are coming together to provide donations for the local Community Action Groups that are providing needed food and help in our communities during Economic Loss and COVID.  If you are in a position to help, please join us. This Action is part of the Biden/Harris “Day of Service” in honor of their inaugurations. (I was just informed that Community Action is distributing 10,000 donations a month!)

The program is run through the “Mobilize” network, which means that when you sign up via the link below, you will then receive an email from the “Presidential Inaugural Committee”. In that email, scroll down to “How to Prepare”.  That section will lead you to the Community Organizations that you can donate to depending on where you live.  In reality, you can give to the charity of your choice – Just give if you can; people out there need us! (This project will be continuing throughout inauguration week.)https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/369077/

Would you like to support the Indigenous Community as they Protest The Line 3 Pipeline?

Check out this Line 3 campaign contact: honorearth.org. That is Winona LaDuke’s group.  Really good information and background.

Maybe You Would Like to Take a Positive, State-Wide, Legislative Action: see link below

The 350WA.org Civic Action Team  (CAT) is asking for our help on the following pieces of Legislation:

We are grassroots advocates! Policies are crafted by subject experts and sponsored by elected leaders. Professional lobbyists are hired strategists behind the scenes. We are grassroots advocates and our job is to stay informed, make our voices heard and hold legislators accountable. Our work, rooted in our 350 WA Network Mission and Values, plays an important role in shaping state policy!

In this email we’ll be taking action on four bills:

We’ll provide written comments via the legislative website for this week’s hearings held for The Heal Act and Growth Management Act and Cap and Trade*.

We’ll email and ask the chair and specific committee members to vote yes in the executive session for the Police Tactics bill.

*With the Cap and Trade bill finally available for analysis and with our 350 WA Network now holding our formal decision-making process on our position on this policy for the remainder of the session, things are moving fast as this bill already has a hearing this week. We at the 350 WA CAT want to be sure to offer our members guidance on how to respond this week. The Civic Action Team (CAT) is recommending that our campaign members follow the current guidance coming from our community partners to oppose this bill, in order to make sure the legislative committee hears some of the leading causes of concern and reasons for opposition.

To those of you who have participated in previous years, you’ll notice that we are asking people to weigh in differently this year. We’re making use of the tools the legislature provides for this unusual session. Thanks for being patient as we adjust to a virtual legislative session! We’re all learning these new tools, and taking action will get easier the more we do it.

Ready to take action? Let’s go!

— Katherine, and the whole bunch of CAT volunteers

PS Not on the CAT email list? Sign up here!

Here’s information on the Clean Cars by 2030 (HB1204):



Yale Climate Connections:  Big Oil’s Profits are getting “Drilled”:-https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2021/01/investors-flee-big-oil-as-portfolios-get-drilled/?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_DAILY_011421)

Yale Climate Connections: What About Our Sage Grouse!?!  https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2021/01/wildfires-torch-dwindling-sage-grouse-habitat/?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_DAILY_011421)

Yale Climate Connections: Climate Education Standards-  https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2021/01/many-states-get-poor-grades-on-their-climate-education-standards/?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_DAILY_011121)


There are many positive ways to ACT ON CLIMATE!  Please get involved!  If you have an idea about a possible action, contact us at: climateconversationsncw@gmail.com

Sue Kane – newsletter editor