CCNCW QUARTERLY MEETING: If you are receiving our emails, checking this website or CCNCW’s Facebook page, you are welcome to attend our quarterly Climate Conversations NCW ZOOM meeting. Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. Please email me at  I will then get your name and email to our host.  Besides our regular reports we will discuss:

*Involvement in upcoming elections

*Support for Black Lives Matter and All People of Color

*Involvement in Upcoming Legislative Sessions via Civic Action Team (CAT) calls: Both 350Washington & the State Audubon Society are organizing these calls.

If you have other agenda items, please email them to:

Please join us!


Monday – July 20 @ 6:00 – 350Washington Zoom Call: would you like to talk with 350 Activists throughout the State? Grace Hope, our PNW Regional Organizer, hosts a call each Monday evenings to do just that!  This Monday, Ingrid Archibald from Stand Earth will share with us a powerful new program called SAFE Cities, aimed at stopping fossil fuel development in our communities via land use policies. What is SAFE Cities? It’s the global, grassroots movement of communities Standing Against Fossil Fuel Expansion!

What: 350 WA Network Conversations w/special guest Ingrid Archibald of Stand Earth

When: Monday, July 20th @ 6pm-7:30pm

Register HERE

On Tuesday, July 21st at 4pm ET / 1pm PT Blackrock’s Big Problem is hosting a webinar: “How Wall Street Giant BlackRock is Financing Climate Crisis, Migration, and the Deportation Machine.

The webinar will explore the connections between climate change, migration, and the role of Wall Street’s largest company in funding both the climate crisis and the immigration raids, detentions, and deportations that terrorize Black and Brown communities across the country. Once you register, please RSVP to and share the Facebook event.

Call for support: On Monday, July 20th (all day), workers and allies across the country will Strike for Black Lives with a national day of walkouts and worker actions to demand racial and economic justice, including in the workplace. This national day of action, one month ahead of the Democratic National Convention, will declare that Black Lives Matter and illustrate the ways our fights for racial, economic, healthcare, immigration, climate, and other justice fights are interconnected. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Fight for $15 & a Union are bottom-lining these actions and has signed on as a partner. Both online and in-person events are being planned.

On Wednesday, July 22nd, at 5 pm Pacific Time, LNS will host a webinar on Just Transition: You’ve Heard the Term, Now Hear the Story. Learn the history of the movement from those who’ve played a part in its origins and the labor and environmental justice leaders who founded the Just Transition Alliance. Speakers include Jenice View, José Bravo, Les Leopold, Casey Camp-Horinek and Dave Campbell. Register here.

Ongoing: At we’re curating a running list of national Social Justice Webinars and Mass Calls to help all of us continue to grow in our understanding of justice. These are great opportunities for your whole team or local group to engage in together as a shared learning experience!

There’s no more important time than now — let’s make some change together.


A brief summary of “What the Corona-virus Means for NW Fossil Fuel Projects”

Susan Evans reports on a lecture on 6/24/2020 by Alan Durning and Eric de Place of the Sightline Institute:

The “thin green line” is a coalition of PNW local governments, tribes and environmental groups that has successfully resisted many fossil fuel export projects over the past ten years.
The goal of the coalition has been to stop expansion of fossil fuel infrastructures for coal, oil and gas along the PNW coast and the Columbia River.  This big regional movement has become a powerful barrier.  Now with the pandemic, debt liability and the trade war between OPEC and Russia, stocks in fossil fuels are sinking.  The “thin green line” is holding!!  Susan Evans reporting.

Sue Kane – Newsletter Editor