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Sustainable Wenatchee is hosting a variety of on line programs starting tomorrow! July 28 – Check out their Facebook page or website!


 CCNCW Quarterly Meeting Minutes: CCNCW Minutes 7.23.20


CCNCW’s Statement of Support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement:

  • This is a moment of transformative change. We stand in support of Black Lives Matter and other racial justice organizations working toward this change. It is our responsibility to use our power to help abolish systemic racism, which is destroying lives, communities, and the planet. White silence is violence. It is not enough to be against racism, we must be wholly and actively anti-racist. We work to defund harm from police, prisons and the fossil fuel industry driving the climate crisis – now threatening communities which are low-income, indigenous, and communities of color. We understand the fight for climate justice is inherently an intersectional one. We seek ways to be and do better.


  • Now may be the time to consider buying an Electric Vehicle!
  • During the “Sizzling Summer” sales you can really get a deal.  Talk to Mike @ Town Nissan in East Wenatchee.   Or consider calling Campbell Nissan in Edmonds where they are selling the 2019 Leaf for 45% off! (425-774-2174)

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