What to do about the Climate Crisis while we are “hunkered down”:

  • Check out other organizations and see what they are doing –
    • Download this cool poster from NATIVE NORTHWEST ART: sales@nativenorthwest.com  It is all of our responsibilities to prevent COVID-19 transmission so we wanted to share a poster we have up in our office. Please download, print, and post the Have you washed your hands?” poster you can see when you click this link.
    • Visit the Sustainable Wenatchee website at: sustainablewenatchee.org  They have some great blogs to read!
    • Have you considered growing your own food?  This may become an important accommodation tool for us in the future!  Yale Climate Connections posted an article about growing foods indoors.  I have also added other recent articles that you might like. Yale Climate Connections. several articles
    • Please continue to visit 350wenatchee.org They are continually uploading information and “at home” actions you can participate in and learn from.