Just about everyone is talking about a Green New Deal. And no wonder: American voters seem to be ready for this kind of bold talk about climate and economic solutions. More than half—55 percent—of Americans support “giving every American who wants one a job, scaling up renewable energy, weatherizing homes and office buildings, developing mass transit projects, and maintaining green community spaces.”

An even louder signal comes from polling by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. After hearing about the Green New Deal, registered voters in the US support it at an eye-popping rate of 81 percent—including 64 percent of Republicans and 57 percent of conservative Republicans.

Sightline’s Aven Frey breaks down the basics and gives us some pointers on how to talk about this kind of hopeful and holistic set of policy possibilities. Find powerful quotes from Green New Deal proponents here. This is our tip sheet:

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The Green New Deal: Everyone is talking about it.  Here’s an informative piece about it from the Sightline Institute. Click the live links for more information.  Please contact your Congressional Representatives and share your support.
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