SATURDAY –  OCT. 31 @ 12:15-2:00 – In the Sculpture Garden and Along the Trail – it’s a:
                                                                      “CLIMATE ART SHOESTRIKE”!


SATURDAY –  OCT. 31 @ 12:15-2:00 – In the Sculpture Garden and Along the Trail – it’s a:
Have your heard of “Shoe Strikes”?  They are the “non-COVID ” answer to in-person ACTIONS.  Each pair of shoes that is set out represents a person that would be protesting.  In this strike we will set out a pair of shoes with a sign that gives a climate-oriented message about the sculpture it is sitting next to.  I am calling it “A Climate Art Shoe Strike”.  Hopefully, people will look at it as they are walking the trail.
 I want to invite ALL of you to come to the Riverfront Park area where the Sculpture Garden is and enjoy our “Climate Art Shoe Strike” on Saturday, Oct. 31.  Come at about 12:15-2:00 to just wander through and see the sculptures and their “new” climate titles.  I know it’s short notice, but the weather is supposed to be wonderful!
Here’s to a sunny Halloween – feel free to come in costume!
Friday – Oct. 30 – Information Passed Along From Our Wenatchee Interfaith Group:

Following Jesus – Practicing Justice and Love in a Time of Crisis

How do we follow Jesus in the way of peace and justice and at the same time love those with whom we disagree?
Pastor Mike Rumley Wells has wrestled with this question and even written a book about the topic.
“Authentic Faith: Feeding the Soul in Politically Divided Times“. He is a former missionary to Nicaragua and member of New Song Community Church in East Wenatchee.
You are invited to come hear him speak and join in a conversation on how to live out the love of Jesus now and as we approach the election.
DATE/TIME: Friday Oct 30, 6-7pm
PLACE: Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church, 535 Okanogan Ave, Wenatchee
This will be an in-person event limited to 50 people. Masks and social distancing will be required.
Interested? Contact Irene Morrow to Register:
NCW United – 7 Days of ACTION #194:
One Article is especially IMPORTANT:
*  Count Every Vote in NCW – be ready to mobilize if necessary
Wednesday * November 4 * 5:00 PM * Wenatchee Memorial Park * planned by Indivisible Wenatchee
With every tweet and refusal to commit to accepting the legitimate results of the 2020 election, Trump seeks to
stoke chaos and fear.
*  But we will be ready – if Trump tries to steal the election or prevent every vote from being counted, Protect the
Results will activate nationwide peaceful and nonviolent mobilizations to demand that all the votes are
counted and for the peaceful transition of power. 139 (and growing) organizations, including Indivisible are
taking the pledge to mobilize should the need arise.
*  Join us to honor the valid results of the 2020 election, ensure that every vote is counted, and show up to
demand the peaceful transition of power.
We think the likelihood of activation is high.
*  Please plan as though these events could be as early as the afternoon of Wednesday, November 4. If we mobilize, you will receive a notification and a message from the organizer when the final dates & times are final!
*  Be sure to wear your mask and take social distancing precautions.
*Links to be involved are available in the newsletter.
READINGS from Yale Climate Connections:
Fracking and Human Health:
Factors to Consider in Electrifying Building: