Hey hey, 350 WA Civic Action Team volunteers,

We had a fantastic meeting this morning at our first All Volunteer Round Up, our new style of every-other-Friday full group check in. I am continually impressed by the passion, skills, and commitment that each of you are bringing to this growing group.

  • Today’s Video and Slides + notes

  • We’re now meeting every Friday morning and alternating between the All Volunteer Round Ups and Special Project and Team Development

Looking ahead:

Bill Trackers!

Thank you to all of our teams for giving your first mini-reports. Folks are just getting started with figuring out who’s who, how to communicate with each other well, and what exactly a bill tracker does. That’s perfect! Today I’ll be sending out individual emails to our Bill Tracker teams with next steps (and new members!), and here’s a bit to point you all in the right direction for now.

  • Bill Tracking 101

    • This walks you through how to get started + has your first steps: googling topics and collecting what you find in your team’s note document

  • 350 WA CAT Legislative Priorities

    • Find your team’s list of bills and issues here, all of our teams are working from this same document

Upcoming Bill Tracker Trainings

Bill Tracking 201: October 16th

Learn how to get a sense of the prime sponsors, co-sponsors, committees and politics of a particular issue and/or bill.

Bill Tracking 301:  October 30th

Learn how to use the legislature’s website, committee schedules, legislative process.

Bill Tracking 401: November 13th

Learn how to attend committee hearings, give testimony, track votes and amendments.

Have a safe and happy weekend,
Grace Hope


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Monday, Wednesday – Friday, 9-5pm PST