The 350 WA Civic Action Team is a volunteer-powered climate policy advocacy campaign that works to keep justice at the core of everything we do. With a focus on strengthening community partnerships, our mission is to educate and empower people to advocate in the WA state legislature to pass strong, sound, and just climate policy.

Come join us at 350 WA Civic Action Team’s 2022 legislative campaign kickoff on January 5th @ 7pm! Learn how you can make your voice heard on sound & just climate policy in Olympia.

The next Washington State legislative session starts on January 10th and it’ll be a hybrid affair, with legislators meeting in person and the public attending virtually. Virtual access provides more opportunities for our voices to be heard! That’s why all 12 of the 350 local groups in Washington State are collaborating to ensure that our legislators hear from as many voices as possible, urging them to act for climate, justice, and an equitable recovery. Join our grassroots efforts to make sound and just climate policy impossible to ignore in Washington. 

You can participate by signing up and getting the 2x/week emails delivered to you directly – or check here on our 350Wenatchee website where we will be posting them.

Click here to, sign yourselves up as individuals ( and receive the campaign action email we curate with our core 350 WA CAT Volunteers and Team Leads. Our twice-weekly actions are the heart of this campaign, and even if you don’t take all the actions, it’s a great way to keep tabs on the policies moving through this year’s 2022 short Legislative Session.

Let’s raise our Eastside voices in Olympia!

In solidarity from the 350 WA Network,

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