Well, I think today might have been my favorite 350 WA Civic Action Team meeting so far!

We opened by reflecting on the question, “who are you organizing for in the movement for climate justice”, and heard deep, heartfelt responses from everyone on the call. We are working for young people and future generations, for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities who are most impacted by the climate crisis, and for all life on earth.

We are really starting to come together as a community, connected over common cause in a profoundly difficult time. I am so grateful to be carrying this work alongside you all.

  • Here is the link to today’s video (with our “who” responses (from 3:45-19 min) and our Lobbying + Remote Testimony Project brainstorm (starts at 40:35 min)

  • Next Friday’s meeting is our 2nd All Volunteer Round Up! We’ll connect, hear from our bill tracker teams, get political updates from around the state, and have a big open Q&A session so folks are supported

  • Here is the link to our 350 WA CAT Master Meeting Schedule

    • Pick the meetings and projects you’d like to join, and feel free to skip the rest

Today we had a wonderful Lobbying Project brainstorm and put our best organizer thinking caps in breakout rooms to come up with strong ideas for developing our program to mobilize as many people as possible across the state to build relationships with their legislators and legislative assistants. I really loved all of the fantastic ideas that we came up with, and am blown away by the organizing skills and experience in our group.


Your grateful facilitator,

Grace Hope


PNW Regional Organizer
350.org | 425-890-2145
Monday – Friday, 9-5pm PST or by appointment
Organizing on the occupied lands of the Puyallup Tribe
Ps, If you were on today’s brainstorm sessions, be sure to send your notes my way so we can make the most of your small group’s brilliance!