I hope you’re well in these unprecedented times. As constrained as our lives are now, it’s still possible for us to help shape the landscape. We need to remake the world, and there’s never been a clearer view of the need for an ambitious and equitable federal Green New Deal….unfortunately, we need to bide a little time on that one.

But we can push Congress to address the deep needs of all who have lost jobs, or are about to. Here are two ways you can help.

1. The Paycheck Guarantee Act is an important piece of legislation sponsored by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. it would provide a three-month federal guarantee for 100 percent of worker salaries — thus ensuring that employers of all sizes keep workers on the payroll and continue to provide employer-sponsored benefits. The bill would also encourage the re-hire of recently laid off and furloughed employees.

Please call your Congressional Representatives and ask that they support this bill. Find your Representative here, and then call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Even if you’re in Jayapal’s district, call to let her know you support this bill!

Suggested call script:

Please act now to pass the Paycheck Guarantee Act as part of the next economic recovery package. The policies of the Paycheck Guarantee Act will put an end to mass layoffs, keep workers paid and covered with their health care and other benefits, and ensure that the economy can get a kick start when the pandemic subsides. It will also alleviate the crisis faced by our overwhelmed state-based unemployment systems.

2. This Friday, Sunrise Movement youth from across our state are hosting a coordinated call-in campaign to urge Senators Cantwell & Murray to support the People’s Bailout, a set of principles that base the COVID-19 stimulus packages around working people and a regenerative economy. With Congress debating relief packages, we have to make sure our senators hear our voices loud and clear before any more money gets sent to corporate CEOs. Here’s a link to sign up.

Solidarity with those at risk has seldom been more urgent. Thank you for all you do.




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