Hi all,

Thank you for amplifying the questions that we submitted to Liberty Mutual on tar sands, Indigenous rights, and climate change yesterday. Unfortunately, I don’t have positive news to report from Liberty Mutual’s policyholder meeting this morning.
The entire meeting lasted all of SIX MINUTES. In response to dozens of questions from policyholders, 50,000 petition signatures, and hundreds of tweets, Liberty Mutual execs said: “Read our ESG report, and with that, we’re done.” They wouldn’t let any policyholders speak up during the meeting, and refused to even acknowledge that that they are insuring pipeline construction in the midst of a global pandemic.
So, we’re ramping up the pressure in the lead up to April 23. Can you help by sharing this press release feat. many of the STMP crew, including RAN, Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous Climate Action, Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network, 350.org, Waterkeeper Alliance, Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, Stand.earth, and Daily Kos?
And if you want to join the push to get Liberty Mutual to exit tar sands, this petition is still open, and you’re welcome to join the list swap or use some digital tactics we’ve developed! More details here, and feel free to reach out to me to learn more.
Take care,

Sulakshana (she/her)

Energy Finance Campaigner

Rainforest Action Network

sulakshana@ran.org | (703) 589 0040

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