Welcome to the most exciting part of April SO FAR (until we blow things out of the water next week) — a week of action to demand #NoBigOilBailout! Dozens of groups are joining together in a push to demand Congress say NO to a bailout for Big Oil and instead ensure stimulus money goes directly to our most vulnerable communities.

Let’s win this thing for people, not polluters.


Collin Rees // Senior Campaigner, Oil Change International & Oil Change U.S. // @collinrees //

Hey all,

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has joined the #NoBigOilBailout push! It’s been awesome to see this community come together so quickly!
Today is the first day of our big online push: we’re turning to social media to try and send as many messages as possible directly to members of Congress via their twitter handles and Facebook pages.
Please get out some tweets today tagging Members of Congress with our demand that they bailout #PeopleNotPolluters and encourage your supporters to do the same! 
We’ve got a whole google doc full of great sample tweets, images, and content to help you out.
Thank you for helping spread the word today!

Jamie Henn

@jamieclimate |